CA.VE.CO.: Tray Sealing

Licensed to sell under the PPi Technologies GROUP Banner

  • Capabilities include sealing only, gas flushing, vacuum and SKIN options.
  • Maximum Flexibility; designed for rapid changeover, with quick and easy changeover allows multiple packaging formats on one machine
  • Easy set-up and operation for maximum operator productivity
  • The machine design provides easy access for maintenance
  • Guaranteed sealing pressure and temperature on all the edges of the trays
  • Heavy duty construction for durability and long life
  • Alarms for diagnostic process with graphical indication of the intervention point
  • Open area for perfect Human machine interface
  • Construction in stainless steel and aluminum with special anticorrosion treatment to provide maximum life time, the highest level of ergonomics and sanitation (IP65)
  • Latest innovations in engineering technology, hygiene concepts and finite control over important packaging system parameters.

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Lasagne carousel

Filling & sealing in MAP

Packaging for pizza

Packaging of mussels

Lasagna line

Packaging of fruit

Packaging line for ready meals in preformed trays

Complete line for filling and packing sauces

Artichokes with brine liquids in preformed trays

Packaging line for Ready Meals

Packaging line for olive product