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  • Flexibility
    • Size: 1.5” - 15” width
    • Weight: 0.5 oz to 5 lb.
    • Speeds: up to 600 pouches per minute
  • Rapid changeover using patented EZ Change™ Cassettes
  • Servo Film drives to minimize material stretch and maximize film control (lighter gauge film capability)
  • SIMPLEX, DUPLEX, TRIPLEX™, QUADRO ™ and QUINTA models available
  • Compact footprint / Rotary design
  • Double bag clamps and Twin pouch grippers for positive pouch control
  • Patented ServoSmart™ Technology:
    • DuoSmart™ secondary roll for registration control
    • AdjustSmart™ for fast on-the-go adjustments
    • WebSmart™ for film feed control
    • WeighSmart™ turret and scale communication system
    • ZiPunch™ patented zipper system for removal of excess zipper
  • Patented Dual Compartment Smart Technology:
    • Membrane
    • Frangible Seal
  • Can be used with one or two rolls of material
  • Integrated with an Auger, Pump or Combination Scale
  • In-house ISO-9001 manufacturing plant (ensures accurate, timely component supply and quality)

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SN Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal Overview

FMH80 Hygienic FFS

FMH80 Hygienic Corner Fitment FFS